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Vortext at Hedgebrook

May 5-7, 2017

Writing Your Truth Without Hurting Anyone--a workshop by Elmaz Abinader





Vortext Weekend at Hedgebrook May 5-7, 2017

Apply for my class: How to Write Your Truth Without Hurting Anyone!


Elmaz Abinader, Writer Statement

The conversation with history is witnessed by the earth and etches the collisions on its body—every rock and road, riverbed and meadow hold the marks of migrations, escapes, exiles, alienations, aging and evolutions. In This House, My Bones, the body and the earth exchange their positions and perspectives. The memories of war are on the skin as well as on the mesa, the exile is written in dust and cells. Through mining experience of occupation, dislocation, and aging, I created poems where the body and the earth examine their bruises.


What We're Looking Forward to:

Radical Hope: Letters Of Love and Dissernt in Dangerous Times

Edited by Carolina De Robertis  

Elmaz Abinader

Junot Díaz

Faith Adiele

Alicia Garza

Celeste Ng

Cristina Garcia

and more


This House My Bones

now available

From Falling Into The Ocean...

It’s just that easy to let go, you wonder, of home or homeland, of tribe or country

drift on the water between there and here and not look        empty the sand that once

ran through your fingers, gripped and released.

You’re not sure half the time where you are--

home is different from homeland. One you hold and one slips away or burns in the atmospheres, abandoned. Pieces fall in unknown territories and are absorbed into the land.